Voice Fraud Detection

Real-time Fraud Management and Algorithms-based Analysis

  • NuLeef Real-time Fraud Management Platform Services provide a comprehensive turn-key solution for operators to expand their oversight and control of their international traffic
  • Complements traditional traffic reporting ad-hoc systems
  • Fraud Management Platform Services contain built-in, configurable, real-time fraud detection and prevention to detect and stop fraud before it happens (not only report on it after it happens)
  • Proactive measures to prevent auto-dialed traffic pumping and machine-generated traffic
  • Fair use policy management for unlimited and specialty products
  • Traffic trends and utilization metrics to identify abnormal patterns
  • Self-feeding database of blacklisted destination numbers and origination numbers


Proprietary Platform

  • The Fraud Management Platform consists of a highly scalable architecture that easily integrates with an operator’s existing network, and provides a carrier class solution
  • The platform dynamically assesses traffic on a per call basis and evaluates patterns and trends to stop suspect traffic and improve detection
  • Automated reporting and alerts ensure that identified fraud risks are raised to the attention of necessary parties, in order for mitigating actions to take place
  • The platform’s flexibility allows the operator to expand, as well as fine tune, the fraud management rules over time to maintain a quality end user experience while evolving to keep pace as new threats emerge
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